Reprinted from Heel Canada

Detoxification and the maintenance of health.

Summer is finally at our door and it feels wonderful to let the warm sunshine into the house once again! As warmer climes settle in, our thoughts naturally drift towards cleaning and starting anew. Often this carries through to ourselves, our bodies and our health. So it goes, that detoxification is often mentioned as a desire and a need in the spring and summer. Ridding our bodies of the many accumulated toxins is certainly a laudable initiative and perfectly warranted for most people as we will see. However, before we move ahead, let us first understand what is meant by detoxification.

Detoxification is the act of removing toxins from the body. In a nutshell, the detoxification process basically aims to restore balance to the body, or homeostasis, which is the bodys own state of balance, through its inherent detoxifying capabilities. There are many forms of detoxification and different programs of varied therapeutic potential, abound, that are designed to assist our bodies in achieving this. Obviously, detoxification must begin with the basics: diet and exercise. However, not all toxins may be eliminated through these means. Therefore, certain therapeutic components may prove not only helpful but actually quite indispensable to attaining a thorough detoxification and the maintenance of pristine health.
One of the first and foremost important things to know when comparing a cleanse is that not all detoxification remedies, aids and programs are created equal and vary in their actions and in their intent. It pays to be vigilant and informed, as unfortunately many products available on the market are mere diuretic and laxative formulas that may well clean out the bladder and bowels, but leave behind a myriad of stored toxins coursing through the system (long stored in the matrix, or even at the cellular level).
What one must not forget is that the body is a finely tuned machine that requires an optimal and clean, external as well as internal, environment to function adequately and unfortunately, accumulated toxins can hinder its vitality. These toxins may come from a variety of sources and include weather, irradiation/light, electro-magnetic fields, pollution, cleaning products, cosmetics, medical drugs, insecticides, fungi, bacteria, viruses, food, allergens, stress overload and even chemical by-products of our own bodily processes.
The body is certainly able to deal with the everyday job of managing toxins; in fact, it is forever undertaking its own toxin management program. Unfortunately, one must understand that in the environment in which we live today, the number of ambient toxins far outnumber the bodys capacities and a little helping hand is undeniably required once in a while to thoroughly clean house and start fresh.
The Detox-Kit from Heel accomplishes the complex undertaking that is detoxification, effectively and with little discomfort encountered. The Detox-Kit is a carefully formulated combination of three homeopathic preparations that specifically target the bodys excretion systems. Contrary to the majority of detoxification programs on the market today, the Detox-Kit reactivates the most important detoxification pathways of the body, to yield a thorough cleansing effect. The following natural bodily filtration systems are all solicited and supported:

      The liver (and biliary system): that breaks down and removes both ambient and stored toxins.
      The gastrointestinal tract: that carries toxins from the liver and removes waste materials from digested food.
      The kidneys: that filter harmful chemicals from the blood and then removes them through the urinary system.
      The lymphatic system: for detoxification to work adequately, this system must be functioning at its peak and be free of miscellaneous debris.

The particular strength of the Detox-Kit lies in its ability to stimulate drainage and elimination from the very organs that are naturally designed to do so. Of course, the above applies mostly for mild cases of toxicity. For deeper detoxification, in cases of moderate to severe toxicity, other more comprehensive and powerful medications may be required or added in to the detoxification protocol. But these should be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you need more information, have any questions or are not certain of the appropriate medicines in a given situation, please feel free to contact your natural health practitioner for further information.